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Android tablet vs iPad

The rise of the Tablet PC has been remarkable over the last few years.  It has seen PC and Laptop sales decline due to the move towards the “touching the screen” interface that was first introduced on the mobile phone (cell phone for US readers). The shrinking of hardware has, of course, allowed this to […]

Raspberry Pi Doorbell (Python)

  To start I will explain the problem we have at home with our doorbell.  We live in a 3 storey townhouse (bedrooms on the top floor, living area on the middle floor, sound proofed recording studio/office on the ground).  If we shut the doors to the living area on the 1st floor we can’t […]

Windows To Go™ (BYOD) Supertalent RC8

  Have you ever wished that you could just use your own laptop at work?  It would make your life a lot easier as you have your own preferred setup with all of the apps and email that you need while you work, as your social life often blend with your professional one. Large companies […]

With an SSD, It’s still important to backup

Most long term computer users have experienced the dreaded hard drive crash – did you lose everything?  How much that can hurt depends on whether you backed up your data or not. Do you record your daily running data recorded on your Smartphone?  If you lost that data and have to start again – how […]

Runcore Invincible SSD is completely flawed

Runcore have developed an Invincible range of Solid State Drives.  The story has been published on various websites on how the drive can be wiped using a green button or physically destroyed using a red button. Thanks to for the images Xbitlabs is one press release on the drive’s abilities. The above image […]

One small step to going Green Computing

Being a bit of a nerd – and couple it with not wanting to pay for software.  Linux fitted into to my world quite nicely.  At the beginning, I tried downloading versions of RedHat which took an age (usually had multiple CDs to download), then to run through the installation instructions line by line to […]

Extending life of your company’s PCs with Solid State Disks

  As an IT purchase decision maker, you may be looking at replacing your PC’s – it’s been 3 to 5 years since your last refresh.  Your PCs run Windows XP Pro and are all looking a bit long in the tooth.  You are faced with hardware and software upgrade costs, as well as the […]

Link Exchange

  Here’s a list of link exchange URL’s to help us climb the page rankings Link2Me Directory for SEO Link Exchange Quality directory of webmasters actively seeking link exchange. Improve your search engine rankings and link popularity the easy way. Work clever not hard. Navigation by WebRing. Online Insurance Quotes Free, Online Insurance Quotes From […]

Whiptail XLR8r Solid State Enterprise Storage

Whiptail have created an all flash-based storage array, in a cost-effective package.  The device uses MLC based Solid State Disks and has it’s own Racerunner OS which cleverly maximises the performance of the device as well as minimising the number of writes to the disks, which increases the device’s endurance. Whiptail XLR8r The device has […]

Writing to an SSD? Part 2

We discussed the method of writing data to an SSD in How does an SSD write? Part 1. We explored writing data in pages within blocks.  Whole blocks must be erased at a time, therefore data needs to be shuffled around in order to free up whole blocks of data.  This means that the cells […]