Monthly Archives: March 2011

Thing About Moore’s Law

For those who don’t know what Moore’s Law is – He was Gordon E. Moore who was a co-founder of Intel, who in 1965 predicted that the number of components in integrated circuits had doubled every year since the invention of the integrated circuit back in 1958 and that in 1965 he predicted it would […]

Warning of the cost of NAND Flash to rise

It is reported that Japanese NAND manufacturing accounts for up to 33% of the world’s NAND Flash memory. Due to 20% of the loss of power production in Japan following the terrible events that happened on the 11th March 2011. Companies in Japan have closed factories and others have to suffer power rationing. The demand […]

New Blog

Welcome to our new Blog. We aim to inform our customers and friends of any new developments in SSD technology and to answer any questions raised so that all can benefit from it. It’s been an interesting 4 years since the birth of SSD and this year looks an exciting one with the technology advancing […]