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Pro Tools SSD vs HDD

Ok so my first post on this topic (Comparing Pro Tools on an SSD) was not a true or particularly valid test.  Everyone knows that Windows 7 is faster than Windows XP – Heck Windows XP was released in 2001, so is 10 years old.  What was needed was to compare Pro Tools on an […]

Secure Solid State Disk Drives Coming Soon

While at Cebit 2011 I  came across a stall by Securedrives.  We exchanged details and we will be looking to resell their products when they are available.  What are they and what makes them so secure you may ask? To give you an idea – I want to tell you a story: ABC Designers Ltd […]

Comparing Pro Tools on SSD to HDD

Pro Tools on an SSD My SSD upgrade on my music/Programming desktop took a while due to my mistrust of Microsoft OS upgrades where complex software such as Pro Tools would not work. Indeed, if you Google “Windows 7 Pro Tools” you will find 767 million results, of which many of them are stating that […]

What is a solid state disk?

The computer world, and users of the computers, demand faster and faster systems. Waiting for a booting PC or for a software package to load has become less acceptable to the demanding user. 30 years ago software was loaded via audio cassette tape. Yet today we all expect everything to happen at the touch of […]


Technology moves so fast that it is always expensive and time consuming to upgrade your PC. You change one thing and it always leads to buying more parts so that your 1st upgrade works properly. Upgrade a motherboard, and you will usually upgrade the processor, RAM, PSU. Often you will end up replacing the case. […]

SATA III on a SATA II Motherboard Update

Ok so for those who may have read the last post on using a SATA III SSD on a SATA II motherboard, there was a niggling issue in my conclusion. I hadn’t actually tested the drive on the motherboard with the correct setting on the motherboard. I did try but got a BSOD (Blue Screen […]