Monthly Archives: November 2011

Benchmarking the GreenBytes HA-3000

I visited IP Expo 2011 held at Earls Court on the 20th October 2011.  Chris Bowles of Consolidate IT had a Remote Desktop session running to connect back to their office in the Netherlands.  Here he was able to demonstrate the GreenBytes HA-3000 in action.  For more information on this amazing iSCSI SAN appliance, check […]

Virtualised Disaster Recovery

The Old Way The world is embracing Virtualisation – and so it should.  Hardware technology is becoming more powerful and we have had an era of excessive power usage.  The world is running out of resources and we need to use the power of the new hardware to use less of it.  Running more on […]

The Virtualisation journey

I started out in IT straight from school as a trainee ICL VME operator.  VME was a mainframe system consisting of large cabinets of hardware produced by ICL.  I joined a company who had just got rid of their punch card process – it still sat in the corner but I never actually saw it […]