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Link Exchange

  Here’s a list of link exchange URL’s to help us climb the page rankings Link2Me Directory for SEO Link Exchange Quality directory of webmasters actively seeking link exchange. Improve your search engine rankings and link popularity the easy way. Work clever not hard. Navigation by WebRing. Online Insurance Quotes Free, Online Insurance Quotes From […]

Whiptail XLR8r Solid State Enterprise Storage

Whiptail have created an all flash-based storage array, in a cost-effective package.  The device uses MLC based Solid State Disks and has it’s own Racerunner OS which cleverly maximises the performance of the device as well as minimising the number of writes to the disks, which increases the device’s endurance. Whiptail XLR8r The device has […]

Writing to an SSD? Part 2

We discussed the method of writing data to an SSD in How does an SSD write? Part 1. We explored writing data in pages within blocks.  Whole blocks must be erased at a time, therefore data needs to be shuffled around in order to free up whole blocks of data.  This means that the cells […]

How does an SSD write?

An SSD is based around a controller chip and NAND Dies.  These are slabs of silicon consisting of cells.  These cells store voltage allowing an on or off state (1 or 0) allowing the storage of data in a binary form. For Single Layer cell based SSD the cell is either on or off. SLC […]

SSD price £1.03 per GB

Ok – so the world talks of Solid State Disks costing $1 per GB – we have our own brand of Future Storage 120GB SATA III A-Sync MLC Solid State Disks available for £1.03 per GB (Ex VAT and shipping).  This is virtually a pound per GB (works out at roughly $1.59) – with performance […]

GreenBytes HA-3000 meets the VMWare I/O Analyzer

The Greenbytes HA-3000 SAN appliance is perfectly suited to hosting IOPS hungry  VMWare VDI  environments.  Using VMWare’s new IOanalyzer tool available from with the community site at we ran a mixed read/write test, testing with only 32 outstanding IOs, This means the ‘pressure’ on the SAN was not as great resulting in lower […]