Monthly Archives: April 2013

DoM Disk on Module

What is a DoM?  Putting simply, a DoM (Disk on Module) is an SSD of up to 32GB in size and uses either a PATA/IDE, SATA or USB interface.  These devices provide storage to a device where space is a premium. They come in either a naked PCB or within a small case (little more […]

Introducing the Greenbytes IOOE Solution

Greenbytes have been busy improving their solution to Desktop Virtualization performance.  They listened to customers and developed the HA-3000 into a truly amazing product in the Greenbytes IOOE. The solution consists of what is called an IO Offload Engine which is 2x IO Controllers and an all SSD based Storage unit with 24x 200GB eMLC […]

Industrial SSD – What is the difference?

There are a myriad of Solid State Disks or SSDs available on the market from many different manufacturers.  How do we split them and how do they differ? Putting it simply, there are 2 main markets – The consumer and the rest.  Samsung, OCZ, Crucial, Corsair and OWC are battling out for the consumer market.  […]