With an SSD, It’s still important to backup

Most long term computer users have experienced the dreaded hard drive crash – did you lose everything?  How much that can hurt depends on whether you backed up your data or not.

Do you record your daily running data recorded on your Smartphone?  If you lost that data and have to start again – how much would that hurt?

Do you store your family photos on your PC?  Priceless in an age where we don’t need to process film anymore.

Are you a graphic designer, musician, blogger, artist and store your work on your PC?  What would happen if you lost it all.

Prices of Solid State Disks are falling and therefore the acceptable size of drive (>100GB) for most users is now under £100.  Failure is not the only factor in needing to backup.  Theft, fire and flood, accidental error (where you mistakenly delete something) or virus threat, are all valid reasons for backing up.

Cloud Storage for backups

With faster broadband speeds now available to almost everyone, it makes sense to store your data online.  This data is stored away from your computer and so theft of your PC, fire and flood as well as virus threat are all covered.  You would just replace your PC in the event it is stolen, your house is hit by fire or flood.  Once you are back online and your PC is all running – you just connect to your Cloud Storage  host and restore the files to your PC.

These cloud systems use multiple paths to multiple disks held across separate sites.  If they get a fire in one, the data is held at the other.


So to put your data into the cloud makes it safe!  Does it you say?  Well the answer is Yes – a lot more safe than just leaving it on your 1 PC or a couple of PCs in your home. 

What if people can hack into it and access my data?  Well, my answer would be that nothing is 100% secure 100% of the time, but these companies have security models that have been thoroughly tested and they have spent a lot of money putting this into place – It’s a lot more secure than just storing it on your PC.

JustCloud Unlimited Backup Service

JustCloud offer an amazing unlimited service where you can store as much data as you like.  The thing about backups is you never really know how much you will need.  If you pick the amount of storage you need today, it will not allow you to grow – you need to be selective w- all this is time consuming.  Better to set it and leave it.

JustCloud installs a small client to your Windows or Mac PC (Linux coming soon). You choose the folders to backup and any changes to these folders are automatically backed up on the next schedule (once daily) or manually triggered if you prefer.

The data is sent up to their server automatically.   What if you delete a file on your PC?  If it was backed up before you deleted it, you can go and restore it very easily, using their online file manager.  Check out  JustCloud for your online backups – we highly recommend it!

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