Windows To Go™ (BYOD) Supertalent RC8


Have you ever wished that you could just use your own laptop at work?  It would make your life a lot easier as you have your own preferred setup with all of the apps and email that you need while you work, as your social life often blend with your professional one.

Large companies looking to save money, would like you to use your own laptop too, but there are a few issues around this.  The first one being security.  How can the company protect itself from virus spread and attack if they were to allow their staff to bring in their own laptop to use?  They could just buy each employee the relevant software and ask them to keep it up to date.  This really would not work for obvious reasons.

All companies  that run a network of PCs and servers need to ensure that anti virus software is kept up to date as well as having policies for access by only those they choose to access the system.  They do this by locking down the access through policy choices including Operating system choice and software.  Opening that up to the employee’s choice just doesn’t work.  Or does it?

Windows To Go ™ allows PC’s running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to boot using a USB device into a controlled environment, specified by the company, but using the hardware supplied by the employee.  The processes involved are simple:

  • create a bootable image and load it onto the USB device
  • Insert this USB device into the Windows 7 or 8 PC or laptop
  • Set the PC to boot from USB

The PC will then load the Operating System specified by the company and have all of the software and settings load ready for use on the company’s network.

The host PC is not changed at all as the local hard disk is not used.

Windows To GO ™ – Supertalent RC8

WOW! You may well say!  Can I still access all of my data and apps while running this?  The answer is, yes and no. If you remove the device and boot as normal, you will have access to your PC as you use it at home.  This may be inconvenient, but is necessary to ensure the security of the company’s network.

This is good for the company as they get to use your PC for your work.  You can login to your own PC during your lunch break to check your own email etc.

Are there any other reasons to use this?  Actually there are quite a few:

User Acceptance and Application Testing.

Imagine a new piece of software has been introduced that needs testing on the company’s network.  Installing it on an employee’s PC may be intrusive, it may involve uninstalling the current software used by the employee and installing the new title, but may not be fully integrated or be ready yet to use.  By booting into the Windows To Go ™ environment the software can be tested and developed without interfering with the current version on the tester/developer’s PC.

Temporary/Contract Employees

For scenarios where providing a new PC to a temporary or contract worker is not practical.  An unused PC can be used using a Windows To Go ™ solution therefore protecting the PC’s contents from being disrupted.  So PC’s can easily be loaned out without security being breached.

Disaster Contingency Planning

Windows To Go ™ devices can be held off site with prebuilt, ready to go images, allowing efficient disaster recovery solutions where a PC can be booted quickly to the company’s recognised image.

Windows to Go ™ and Education

Schools and Universities who do not want to invest in expensive and vulnerable Remote Access systems, can supply students with Custom Applications, available on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 device without connecting to the campus.

Supertalent RC8 Windows To Go ™

Supertalent have introduced the RC8 – a USB drive (USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatible).  This incredible device reaches speeds of 270 MB/s which is 5 or 6 times faster than an internal spinning disk and rivals the latest in internal SATA  II based SSD drives.  It even responds to SMART Hard Drive commands.

The Supertalent RC8 uses 8 channels of flash, virtual caching and an SSD Controller.

Available in 50GB and 100GB sizes.

Dimensions: 92.7 mm x 25.0 mm x 8.0 mm

SandForce™ SSD Controller
– Read Speed: Up to 270MB/s – Write Speed: up to 240MB/s
– Fully backward Compatible to USB 2.0
– 10 years data retention
– Slim and sleek Aluminum Enclosure
– 5 year Limited Warranty

Get in touch for volume pricing!

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