DoM Disk on Module

What is a DoM?  Putting simply, a DoM (Disk on Module) is an SSD of up to 32GB in size and uses either a PATA/IDE, SATA or USB interface.  These devices provide storage to a device where space is a premium.

They come in either a naked PCB or within a small case (little more than the size of the interface).



PATA/IDE DoM come in 44 or 40 pin interface sizes and are either vertical or horizontal mounted.  Some are supplied with an extra power cable built in.

PATA/IDE Vertical DoM

PATA/IDE Horizontal DoM

PATA/IDE Vertical DoM with Power cable

DoM devices are available in SLC and MLC, 1 or 2 Channels.

Industrial SSD – Industrial DoM

The choice of whether to use an SSD or DoM falls down to either speed, operating temperature and available space.

Choosing SSD

  • If you need fast R/W performance or high IOPS (Input, Output per Second)
  • Space within the PC System is not an issue – SSDs are not available in 2TB sizes within a 2.5inch SSD
  • If you need a wide operating temperature range

Choosing DoM

  • R/W Speed is not an issue – A fast SATA DoM achieves 51/30 MB/s vs SATA III 550/530 MB/s
  • Space – DoM drives are up to 32GB only
  • Price – If you need a small (GB Size) drive <=32GB and are not concerned on speed – DoM are much cheaper than SSD

Many Industrial systems use a very simple, but reliable system that has no GUI – these often fit on small storage devices of around 4GB to 8GB. 


Typical DoM Disk On Module uses

This is a simple list of uses for DoM – Disk On Module devices

  • Ticket Machines
  • Factory controlling systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Vehicle monitoring systems
  • Inflight Entertainment Systems
  • Mining Monitoring Systems

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