Android Car System Mercedes W203 C180

The project

The car has had a professionally fitted Alpine Stereo (iPod attached in glove box) with a Nokia CR-7w hands free kit for about 9 years – the iPod is on it’s last legs as has suffered from leaving it out in the cold and getting hot and cold has made it fail.  I’ve had it repaired (while in Taiwan) but it won’t power on automatically when I get in the car.  I often have to take it out and go charge it in the house (it is supposed to charge through the car).

I went and bought the following on Ebay




Alpine Unit removed – wiring mess



The Nokia CR-7W worked fine but this bad boy will replace it. I wanted to use the mic though – but it has a tiny connector as opposed to the mini jack required on the back of the Android unit.  So I cut it off the loom and wired the audio output connector from the CR-7W which was a Mini Jack – this enabled me to use the mic which is all routed nicely in the car



CR-7W no longer needed



CR-7W mic


Fitted device – nice



Full Android capability with Hands free, Sat Nav (GPS installed – to be shown), later to fit reversing camera