Pro Tools SSD vs HDD

Ok so my first post on this topic (Comparing Pro Tools on an SSD) was not a true or particularly valid test.  Everyone knows that Windows 7 is faster than Windows XP – Heck Windows XP was released in 2001, so is 10 years old.  What was needed was to compare Pro Tools on an SSD vs HDD and does it make a difference?

Well I decided to take the plunge and rid myself of Windows XP – I’d built Windows 7 Ultimate on a Future Storage A-Synchronous 240GB SSD and have been running it for a week. So I used Clonezillato create an exact copy of the SSD onto the Seagate 500GB Hard Disk Drive (ST3500620AS).  This involved burning a CD – booting from it and carefully following the instructions.  It’s a bit scary as of course if you select the wrong drives you end up wiping Windows 7 and copying the contents of the HDD onto the SSD (I’d wiped the HDD beforehand so if I made a mistake would end up with 2 blank disks).  Luckily Clonezilla names the drives during the selection process and it’s impossible to get it wrong (if you follow the instructions carefully).

I did intend to use GAG 4.10 to allow me to boot from either disk – but this didn’t work and I ended up getting into a bit of a mess with the MBR (Master Boot Record) which involved booting off the Windows 7 disk and Restoring the Windows 7 MBR  – in the end I gave up with GAG and now just disable the disk I don’t need in the BIOS.

The results – well I created another video to compare the 2 (see below).  I also added the track that I was loading on each system (shameless bit of self indulgence – though I know I wont win any awards on any singing contests).  You will see that the Windows XP clip doesn’t even load before the end of the song.

So the conclusion is quite significant – from boot to load a track is 1 min 41 on the SSD  vs 3 min 26 on the HDD  running on the same Dell XPS 420 with 3GB RAM.

Pro Tools SSD vs HDD– SSD wins hands down!

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