Benchmarking the GreenBytes HA-3000

I visited IP Expo 2011 held at Earls Court on the 20th October 2011.  Chris Bowles of Consolidate IT had a Remote Desktop session running to connect back to their office in the Netherlands.  Here he was able to demonstrate the GreenBytes HA-3000 in action.  For more information on this amazing iSCSI SAN appliance, check out  our blog The Virtualisation Journey.

Chris demonstrated IOMeter which was running on two hosts, each working on 2 iSCSI volumes each. The iSCSI volumes are connected over 10GbE with an IO queue length of 64.

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Here you can see the IOPS Score at an amazing 160,000 IOPS.  This, of course, is with the hosts running without load.

Chris went on to demonstrate cloning of a 25GB Windows 7 Virtual Machine.  This took only 2 minutes.

As more Virtual Machines (VMs) are loaded, the IOPS meter drops, as is expected.

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Here you can see the IOPS Score has dropped to 152725.70 IOPS as we loaded up the VMs.

Below is the IOMeter test results

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