GreenBytes HA-3000 meets the VMWare I/O Analyzer

The Greenbytes HA-3000 SAN appliance is perfectly suited to hosting IOPS hungry  VMWare VDI  environments. 

Using VMWare’s new IOanalyzer tool available from with the community site at we ran a mixed read/write test, testing with only 32 outstanding IOs, This means the ‘pressure’ on the SAN was not as great resulting in lower IOPS and latency than would be measured with 64 outstanding IOs.

The results of this tool demonstrate that the GreenBytes HA-3000 is easily able to deliver over 40K write IOPS and 10K read IOPS when testing a typical 80/20 write/read VDI workload.

The testing was done with two ESXi 4.1 hosts attached to a single HA-3000 250GB iSCSI volume presented over 10GbE. Each host/VM was pulling average ~22K writes and ~5.5K read IOPS. See the following screenshots.


We’d love to hear from you to compare your own system’s scores – send us your screen shots and we will post them on this blog.

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