Whiptail XLR8r Solid State Enterprise Storage

Whiptail have created an all flash-based storage array, in a cost-effective package.  The device uses MLC based Solid State Disks and has it’s own Racerunner OS which cleverly maximises the performance of the device as well as minimising the number of writes to the disks, which increases the device’s endurance.

Whiptail XLR8r

The device has impressive performance, with 250,000 write IOPS and 200,000 Read IOPS with 0.1 Ms of latency.  It doesn’t use a cache to achieve this, instead the Racerunner OS controls the reading and writing of data to the all Solid State Disks.

The Whiptail XLR8r sends 1.5 GB/s of data per second through it’s jaws!

How does it do it?

Log Structured Block Translation Layer

The Racerunner OS introduces a Log Structured Block Translation Layer which intercepts all IO and then arranges it so that the writes to the Solid State Disks are done in neat block sizes.  This minimizes the number of writes and removes the need for Garbage Collection processing and TRIM (See How does an SSD write? and Writing to an SSD? Part 2).

Log Structured Block Translation Layer

All data coming into the Whiptail XLR8r is sorted and organised into neat blocks and written across the RAID array within the device.  The XL8r8 never does write amplify as it only writes and erases in neat blocks within the SSD.

By eliminating the unnecessary writes, associated with Solid State Disks (Garbage Collection processing and TRIM) , Whiptail are able to achieve such impressive performance results as well as guarantee the lifespan of their devices using cheaper MLC SSDs.

Get in touch if you are interested in the Whiptail XLR8r SAN in 1.5TB, 3TB, 6TB or 12TB sizes.  Contact Us or call on 08452990793

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