Extending life of your company’s PCs with Solid State Disks


As an IT purchase decision maker, you may be looking at replacing your PC’s – it’s been 3 to 5 years since your last refresh.  Your PCs run Windows XP Pro and are all looking a bit long in the tooth.  You are faced with hardware and software upgrade costs, as well as the personnel, logistics costs and downtime.

Upgrade with a Solid State Disk

Future Storage 60GB SSD

At a hardware cost of only £72 +VAT each (discount available for volume orders) – using Clonezilla open source software (requires a CD boot) you can clone your current systems onto Solid State Disks for small change.

In these tough times where budgets are cut – this will give you a quick fix – fast performance from your current hardware.

Solid State Disks use a lot less power as well so this upgrade will cut your power consumption, as well as go a little easier on your PC’s power supply.

If your employees leave their PCs on 24/7 then I would advise changing the Power Supply at the same time (a standard PC PSU is not going to last more than about 3 years running 24/7) which will give a better chance for your hardware to last that extra few years.

Complete upgrade service

Future Storage in partnership with http://www.easywayitservices.co.uk/ can do the whole job for you for a lot less than you think.  We can collect all of your systems, take it to our fantastic facility in Farnham – clone your system and deliver it back on your employee’s desk.

Contact us on 08452990793 to discuss.

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