Amazon Webstore Disaster

Amazon – one of the biggest eCommerce players on the block – have a web app available to use to upload a CSV file of your products. This, of course, lists the name of the product, description, price and a URL of the image to show the viewer.

Sounds simple? Well their site lists everything from Books (Hey! It’s Amazon after all) to toothpicks and power boats (not confirmed – actually I’ll just check that – Ok Lego Power boats – but toothpicks are on there).

We decided to add some of our Flash Memory products from Integral and Transcend to that market place to try and get some more revenue in. I’ve been so frustrated with it.

For a start – you would expect a list of mandatory fields that they need to be completed on the Excel/CSV template. The problem is there is not just one template. You can download around 50 of them. Our options are Consumer Electronics, Personal Computer or Miscellaneous. Whichever you choose, you have a CSV with 256 columns (in the case of Consumer Electronics!) – it’s just too many. The Data Definitions for these templates shows a very long web page, defining each column. There is a column on the table of this page headed “Required” of which only 4 of them are listed as “Required” the rest “Optional”. However on uploading a CSV of 91 rows of products with the “Required” fields completed the site just gives errors stating that there is missing data.

Googling Amazon Webstore Issues – seems I am not the only one frustrated with it.

I’ll come back and blog if I ever get it sorted!

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