Runcore Invincible SSD is completely flawed

Runcore have developed an Invincible range of Solid State Drives.  The story has been published on various websites on how the drive can be wiped using a green button or physically destroyed using a red button.

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Xbitlabs is one press release on the drive’s abilities.

The above image shows the 2x buttons as well as a SATA and power connector.

The green button uses an overwrite deletion method to wipe the data so that no data can be recovered.

The red button applies an over voltage so that the actual NAND flash gets so hot that it destroys itself in a puff of smoke.

Above is a demonstration by a Runcore employee pressing the red button.

In a previous post I wrote about truly secure drives (check it out Secure Solid State Drives) where Secure Drives have created a drive where even if the drive is lost or stolen, the owner can still destroy the drive and keep their data secure.

Runcore’s drive has no obvious use in the real world.  If the green button wipes the data by overwriting the entire contents with garbage, then why do you need the red button?  Does that mean that the green button operation doesn’t really work?

If you hit the red button then of course the drive is destroyed and can never be used again.  How many instances can you think of where you would want to do that?  The military will have procedures to destroy their equipment rather than let it fall into enemy hands, they won’t be bothered to go around and press the red button on single drives – they’ll just blow it all up.  Also – for the green and red button operations, the drive needs to be plugged in and power applied to it.  Indeed in the image above, the side case of the PC is removed to gain access.  Sure you can mount the buttons somehow to the outside of the case, but that would involve some engineering to do it.

At the end of a PC’s life and the equipment is to be disposed of, there is a need to destroy data, but to have a red button to do it for you seems a little excessive.

The Mission Impossible storylines where “This message will self destruct in 30 seconds” is the only scenario I can see this working, which again, is a little overkill, to say the least.

The only other instance I can think of, where this kind of functionality can be of benefit is a criminal one – where a knock on the door by the Rozzers can be solved by a press of either the green or red buttons, which will remove any trace of guilt to the owner of the equipment (maybe the criminal can even wire it up to the front door bell when they go out).  I guess there is a market for Paedophiles,Hackers, illegal file sharers and even kinky cross dressers who record their daily tricks and who are hiding the facts from their spouses.

If you are in need of one of these drives in a professional application and can prove me wrong – please get in touch!

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